3D Workshop/Machine Induction

Currently making a canvas putting into practice the workshop machine induction. This will provide me with the necessary skills to realise future projects in 3D.

I have cut my wood and in next weeks session about to half end the joints.

Glass Workshop

To be taught a taster session in fused glass. Introduced to the medium of glass used for fusing and how it is made. To acquire knowledge about tools and materials used and their effects on the desired design. Each session we will be making glass projects where what we have learnt can be applied.

We have recently been asked to look at geometrical and linear patters in the everyday – take photos and sketches. Choose a design and make a 10×10 coaster in class.

I chose a design from a building and incorporated this as a pattern onto a coaster.

This week we are looking at textures in the everyday world. Recording these in both photos and sketches. During class we will use accessory glass to make a small panel with textures.