Evan Roth

Very interesting blog with some bizarre pieces of work – in particular the ball of spray cans that leaves a trail of paint when rolled and the spray cans strapped to a guys feet! I liked the short video clips of each piece and what they do ‘physically’ to create art. Some fun and crazy ideas!

The Eye Writer

Wow – I was blown away by this page. I had never seen anything like it before. The video footage is very moving and incredible. We get to meet the eye writer and his art work that has only been made possible through the eye-tracking system that allows paralysed patients to draw using their eyes.

Aram Bartholl

The only thing I thought was interesting was the Captcha codes – Codes that we see all the time when activating accounts or changing password etc. I had never seen them as anything but that and seeing them in a gallery together was very interesting – this code now being explored in the digital arts world.

Digital artist I came across was Alberto Seveso, Italian digital artist who focuses on Illustration, digital photograph and digital art – his work is amazing!


Some of the pieces I particularly like;