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Photography - My interpretation of a chosen scene from the Vertov movieshot_160_0-2shot_160_1shot_160_2

Curves and straight lines combined

More Illustrator using the Pen Tool

This is extremely tricky – lots of practice needed!

I kept the pepper that I had drawn recently and let it ‘go off’ – resulting in it looking shrivelled and leathery. I think I find it far more interesting to draw now, than when it was at its finest!

2013-11-21 22.07.12 HDR

2013-12-08 18.13.31 HDR2013-12-08 18.13.36

Drawing Projections Systems: perspective, orthographic, axonometric and isometric

Drawing an object from different directions, usually a front, side and plan view are drawn.

Peg drawn from the front. Then coloured using Promarker pastels to achieve smooth blends and subtle variety of tone.

This was a challenge and not something I particularly enjoyed doing!

In today’s session we shared our ink drawings and discussed what was interesting about them. I particularly thought the mechanical ink drawings were very effective using this specific medium within the golden section.

One of my drawings appeared flat (shell) and Sylvia explained that our drawings can evolve further by using crayons, pastels or paint. I hope to work some lighter shades over the shell for it to appear rounder and fuller.