My subject for the Print Workshop is ‘the selfie’.

“……..the ‘selfie’, a term coined by Jim Krause in 2005, has recently gained a faddish ubiquity. Since smartphones have been released with front-facing cameras, there has been a concurrent explosion of the ‘self taken’ photograph. The majority of this imagery posted online is fairly normative…….yet the question remains: what form of agency does this form of self-portrait produce?”

2014-01-06 11.42.23 2014-01-06 11.42.13 2013-12-16 12.43.36

We had to decide on a selfie snap and transfer this into a piece of lino. We spent time looking at compositions placing different size borders around the image to see what worked best. Once we were happy with our final composition we traced over the image to create a detailed black pen drawing onto the lino surface.

I have printed from lino before and I remember thinking at the time how much I enjoyed the whole process, from exploring ideas for prints to choosing different surfaces to print on. Printing is something I would definately like to pursue further and I am very much looking forward to completing Edlyn’s workshop and carry on the work independently in year 2.

I am currently at the lino cutting stage which I’m thoroughly enjoying!