So I am at the point of sending my finished design to Raserlab – yay!!! I would have done this yesterday but I had trouble with postage and packaging so will have another go today.

I have been using Illustrator to design my piece for laser cutting. My chosen design was taken from a previous ink drawing of a pomegranate that I had completed from a drawing session. I chose it as I liked the interesting shapes within the pomegranate. My idea was to create a small black pendent for a necklace. It took a lot of time working out how to transfer my design onto illustartor and Mark did show a few of us ‘Live trace’ which certainly helped me achieve my design. The only problem that occurred from this was that a number of lines had been duplicated which meant the cost of the laser cut was double the price. Having found this out I had to go back to my original design and delete any extra lines. Once this was done I uploaded my design to Razorlab to discover the cost was far cheaper!!!