– Demonstrate an effective use of Art and Design software. (we have looked at wordpress, photoshop, illustrator, cinema 4d, makerware)

I am now using my blog on a regular basis uploading work as much as possible. I now know the basics of photoshop and illustrator although I would really benefit from having more time spent on these programmes. I have used Cinema 4d but I would not say I am confident using this programme as it is still very new.

– Demonstrate effective use of digital hardware and associated technologies. (we have used a mac throughout and looked at scanners, 3d printing, vinyl cutting, cameras).

Having never used a mac before I now know how to work one! I enjoyed playing with scanners and having the opportunity to create vinyl cutting in Illustrator.

– Produce and present creative digital solutions to Art and Design problems. (your responses to the individual tasks set)

I have had a go at these so of which I have found difficult!

– Create on-line Art and Design presentations and resources. (your documenting of the work you are doing inside and outside of the digital applications sessions).

Weekly blog – updating work completed in Digital Applications as well as other areas of the course.

– Manage and evaluate their own use of digital applications. (your effective use of reflective practice evidenced on your blog – documentation of and reflection upon your process).

I know this is something I need to do more of. I feel I can be at times quite negative when reflecting on digital applications – probably because I find it so difficult!!!!!!