Action Plan:

– Explore Composition

– Refine drawing processes by analysing my work

– Analyse the work of artists in more depth

– Take better photos of my work and use high resolution images

– Take more risks with own work

Working grade: B-

Predicted grade: A-

My subject area is exploring drawings from natural forms using Quink ink and bleach on a variety of different surfaces. I hope to create realistic dipictions of natural forms with a very experimental approach. I will use a variety of different surfaces exploring a wide range of marks and bleeding made with a number of different tools to re-create nature at its simplest.

17/3 – Discussion with Sylvia
To produce drawings using Quink ink and bleach exploring pond life/plants – larger drawings – (set of drawings) taking photographs and looking at light and reflections that occur. Drawing from different angles. Once drawings complete work into them further using fine liners, pencils and other medias.

My target audience is everyone – young and old!