A representative from Bentalls visited yesterday to talk to each of us about our ideas and plans for what we were going to produce for the September.

I decided to display these prints onto hessian by sewing ‘free-hand’ around all edges. I wasn’t too bothered about the stitches looking even, as I wanted to achieve a ‘shabby’ chic look. These were then framed behind glass and finished with a black frame. Feedback from Bentalls was good but it was suggested that I could try displaying prints on a canvas rather than behind glass. This would then mean the customer could touch and feel the product which may be more sellable..?. I will experiment further over the summer.

2014-04-02 21.22.07



I then decided to experiment using a different coloured threads sewn throughout the designs. Some have worked well but I think I need to keep my threads finer as a heavy thread make the finished image look ‘clumsy’. To take these designs one step further I would like to use fine beads incorporated within the threads which may work well. I would also like to try using metallic threads alongside the black ink and adding fine gold or silver beads to accentuate elements in the design.